Meet Rob

The visionary behind The Meeting Place. Long before coworking became a buzzword, Rob harbored a unique idea—a vision that transcended traditional workspaces. His dream was to create a Networking Community Workspace, a haven tailored for solopreneurs, young professionals, and small business owners seeking a space to collaborate, connect, and communicate.

In pursuit of this dream, Rob set out to establish The Meeting Place as more than just a workspace—it’s a community hub where meaningful connections take root. Recognizing the limitations of home offices, he envisioned a space that offered a professional yet welcoming atmosphere, where entrepreneurs could conduct one-on-one meetings and ignite creativity.

The Meeting Place is more than four walls; it’s a resource-rich environment designed to elevate the professional experience of its community members. Equipped with cutting-edge technology such as Smartboards, TV monitors, and a dedicated podcast studio, we provide the tools necessary for innovation and success.

Join us on this journey as The Meeting Place unfolds—a space where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and dreams are realized. Welcome to a workspace that goes beyond the ordinary, where community, collaboration, and professional growth intersect. This is our story, and we invite you to be a part of it.